Obsession #55

 Soooo...if you guys saw my last post, you know that I've been watching a lot of Nordic Noir stuff lately. What does that mean? Well...it means that now, I'm obsessing over sweaters because most of these shows have awesome knitwear. 

The good thing is that I knit. The bad thing is that it's almost summer here, sweaters are not the fastest pieces to make, and the yarn (if you want the good stuff) costs a lot of money. Sigh....

Anyhoo, here are some "looks" I've been obsessing over lately.

image from gudrungudrun.com
Gansey (image from flamboroughmanor.co.uk)

Kátir Karlar sweater (image from icelandicstore.is)

Hulda Icelandic sweater (image from icewear.is)

image from mariewallin.com


the show Trapped (image from pferd-kultur.de)

What is your obsession lately?

PS Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians!


ellie said…
It's always great to be inspired by what you watch. Especially, fashion! Such beautiful sweaters! But do you knit in the summer? I went through a phase of Korean inspired bucket hats that are crocheted (I do a little of that). And then of course my obession of(aka Slater on my storyblog) Darren Wang! He's in SUPER ME a Chinese movie on Netflix. It was cool to see all his different hairstyles...and of course his acting.
I can totally understand why you are loving the sweaters. The styles are gorgeous and I love those designs. They are fabulous! I especially love the first one you shared. It is so simple yet it makes a bold statement. I hope you are having a wonderful Victoria Day and have been able to celebrate in some way!
the creation of beauty is art.
Well you could take the fact that it's almost summer to hold out for a sale on the good yarns ;p These sweaters look so cool! I can see why you're obsessed. I'm obsessed with home decor improvement lately. We got a few new pieces of furniture and have been rearranging our living room.
Mica said…
I can see why you like all these knits - they look so cosy and you certainly are talented enough to make similar things! Maybe if you start now it will be done by the time the weather cools? haha!

I like the look of cosy pieces like this and I always want to buy them all when winter weather arrives but it's such a short lived season here - all my thick knits get worn a handful of times a year only sadly!

Hope you are having a nice week :)

Away From The Blue
Sakuranko said…
Oh so nice sweaters
OMG, these are beautiful. I thought of you the other week when my friend bought me some new yarns, even though I am still getting through my cardigan, haha. I am slowly finding time to finish one row at a time, and I barely have spare time. Fair Isle reminds me of childhood jumpers my parents used to put me in, such a classic Scandinavian pattern too. Happy Victorial Day! x/M
Oh yes! I use to watch a lot of these shows and there is that one actor...a total hottie mcstud muffin he is from that part of the world but got well known from the show The Killing playing the ex-tweeker turned cop. They all have that cool rainy look lol, perfect weather for these kind of sweaters. I use to work for Vogue Knitting and indeed some the yarn is pricy for sure.

Allie of

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