A bunch of makes!

 I've been really inspired lately to make garments and stuff, so here are the latest projects I just finished:)

1) Sewed a tunic for myself

used the Luova pattern from the book Building The Pattern

2) Sewed an outfit for my daughter's voice recital (She sang On My Own from Les Miserables)
used the McCalls 7942 pattern for top and pants
Here's a short video of her performance:)

3) Knitted a hat
used the Brilliant Corners pattern by one of my fave designers Kate Davies

Behind the scenes...

Kinda chaotic when I sew but I am pretty anal about cleaning up at the end of the day:D

How was your weekend, everyone?


Mica said…
It's always so nice seeing the things you make - you are so creative and each of these pieces are all so different! You really make the most of your talents to make such different things :)

Hope your week is off to a good start :) We were out at a theme park today with the kids, so much fun!

Away From The Blue
ellie said…
Such beautiful garments! You are so talented! I love your daughter's outfit too. Such a beautiful knit beanie too. I finally managed to crochet a hat, but my second one looks like it should be for a babydoll's head..for some reason...so I better stick with writing.

Thank you so much for your comments. Yes, it has been fun writing. I finally finished Court Lady..but I found that the Chinese Censorship cut out a lot scenes so near the end you are wondering when did that happen.

All the best to your creativity! You are so talented! & so is your daughter!
rooth said…
Love the colour of the tunic! Hope you're having a lovely summer
Wow! You have been so busy and creative lately! That tunic looks absolutely incredible on you. And the outfit you made for your daughter's performance is absolutely perfect for Les Miserables. (Or just in general. I love that pant style!) The hat is fabulous too! Do you sell any of your pieces? I think people would be thrilled to buy them! You are just so so talented.
Anonymous said…
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Hena Tayeb said…
wow.. love your tunic, the button detail.. you are so talented.
your little one is growing up so fast, she looks and sounds fantastic.
It's pretty obvious that AMAZING things happen for your when inspiration strikes Emmy :D So many fabulous creations! That tunic looks so breezy and comfy and I love love the costume/outfit you made for Mini Me. She has such a beautiful voice <3
Kinga K. said…
You look awesome ❤
Sakuranko said…
Oh wowso cute garments~ you are so talented darling
Anonymous said…
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Oh, wow, I like the tunic and it looks so versatile too. Been taking a break from blog since I am working on new projects lately, and we are all back to work now so it's super chaotic and busy.
Have a lovely weekend, Emmy. <3
ellie said…
Oh Happy Canadian Day! Hope you and your family are celebrating well. A lot of smoke in the air here. All the best to your new creations!

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