Mixed bag

 This is another one of those outfits that I just kinda threw everything together...different weights of fabric and different prints all mashed up together.. Most people would probably say they don't really match but meh...I like it.

Zara top from my mom, Skirt I sewed awhile back (using a Sew Over It pencil skirt pattern), Vans slip ons)

Do you like mixing up prints in your outfits?


ellie said…
You wear it so beautifully! Love this together. Especially with this summer heat. Needless to say I like mixing it up! Unfortunately, I have been told my clothes are TO LOUD for work at the library. Our director prefers us all to be practically in black day in day out.
Mica said…
I'm all for print mixing - and that pencil skirt you made looks so beautiful! This is such a nice summer outfit :)

Hope your week is off to a great start :)

Away From The Blue
That skirt with the shoes is just perfection! This is such an edgy outfit but still is super wearable. You have such incredible style!
the creation of beauty is art.
This is such a cool skirt and I love how the softness of the your flowy top counterbalances the edgy vibe of the skirt. I'm all for mixing prints and textures in my outfits as well. It's just more visually interesting. Hope you're having a good week and staying cool chingu <3
Steffi Barbie said…
Beautiful Outfit :)
ellie said…
I wonder what you are making now? Are you doing lots of knitting getting ready for the fall?
Love your outfit. I'm your follower #228. Would you follow me back?

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