My first ever (A photo diary)

Soooooo....I just finished a completely hand-sewn skirt, you guys! To say I was excited about this project would be an understatement.

PatternReview is currently running a contest where you do a quilted garment or one that shows reverse appliqué. I've always wanted to make an Alabama Chanin-style clothing, and this was just the push I needed!

(The pattern is Alabama Chanin's Swing Skirt. I used Natalie Chanin's books and her Craftsy class as references.)

It was quite a process, so I thought I'd just show you the photos of what I did:) (This also explains why her clothes are expensive but oh so worth it!)

cutting out the stencil onto a poster board

Magdalena Stencil from Alabama Chanin

cutting out the fabrics (cotton jersey from Fabricland)

airbrushing the outer fabric layer using the stencil with Createx Airbrush Paint in transparent brown

heat setting the textile paint with iron on the hottest setting

hanging out...hahaha

doing the reverse appliqué (running stitches around the pattern, then cutting out the inside to show the layer underneath)

Doing all the hand-sewing...I look so serious....LOLZ

finished panels before embellishment and seaming

adding  the bugle beads on the bottom of the skirt
Doing inside-felled seams

basting the fold over elastic onto the waist

finished waistband using the zigzag stitch 

                         And the finished skirt:
My finished Alabama Chanin Swing Skirt, y'all!!!

I put side seam pockets because everything should have pockets!

This project was such a joy and made me realize how much I love hand-sewing now. My future sewing projects will definitely be more of this!

Do any of you do any sewing? What is one craft you really like or would like to learn?


ellie said…
Oh WOW! thank you so much for letting us see the process of this! Such amazing work! This is beautiful! Such hard work too. Seeing it through. I hope you rested up after this project. I wish I could handsew. I think that would be key to my bucket hat project. Oddly, I love crocheting in the round but hate sewing in the round. You are so inspiring! All the best to the contest you have entered. Can't wait for your coat! All the best to your creativity!
Oh my goodness!! This is remarkable! I can't even believe how much love and energy you put into this garment...but it was definitely all worth it. The finished product is incredible. I love all of the gorgeous details and that wonderful print. The skirt looks beautiful on you - and I agree that everything should have pockets! You are amazing <3
ellie said…
Oh..thank you for your sweet comments! You are such an artist. Your knit hats are so amazing. It's so great to see people still using their hands to create such wonderful items. You are truly inspiring!
That looks so labor intensive and it was really cool to get BTS of your creative process. Your sewing and crafting skills never cease to amaze me Emmy! You are such an artist and your hard work definitely paid off. The skirt is stunning!! Yes to everything having pockets. I recently didn't buy a dress because it didn't have pockets. I haven't been doing much crafting apart from working on my hand lettering and have been gearing up to do an art piece for our entryway.
Mica said…
This skirt is amazing! I know you make a lot of beautiful pieces but this has to be my favourite! The colours and style and the cut out design are all just wonderful together, and yey for pockets! Such a pretty piece!

Hope your week is off to a great start! :)

Away From The Blue
rooth said…
It looks fantastic! I love how you showed us all the different steps. Can't wait to see what you make next
Hena Tayeb said…
OMG! The work you put into the skirt.. the stunning result.. absolutely fantastic.. (standing ovation)
P-and-P said…
It looks beautiful and there is so much work with love in it. :)
I just folllowed your blog via GFC. :)

♡ ☯ ☮ P&P style ☮ ☯ ♡
Rajani Rehana said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zasha Zoey said…
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