Hey, Frances! #TheSchoolOfMaking

 I was able to attend a virtual workshop hosted by Alabama Chanin on August 20th on how to sew a  T shirt the AC way (meaning all hand-sewn and embellished). Aside from the Zoom class taught by Sunne Meyer, we also got a T shirt kit to work on. I finished sewing it, and I love it, you guys:)

The participants had different options with the kit, and I picked the Frances top with the Aurora stencil in the plum/carmine colour way.

Here I am, out and about with the fam wearing it:)

Alabama Chanin Frances top

worn with old UNIQLO pants, Doc Martens, Topshop bag

(My daughter took the pics above, and I thought she did a fab job!)

I ended up shortening the shirt so with the leftover fabric, I made a matching mask:)

A closer look:)
We even got a tag to sew on the shirt:)

techniques used: reverse applique, backstitch reverse applique, couching

Behind the scenes:

Because I shortened the shirt, I used the leftover fabric to make the matching mask, and the jersey pulls that I used for the couching.

basting the neckline

Here is a short video of me couching:)

Speaking of Alabama Chanin, they had a sample sale recently, and I was able to score a hand-sewn camisole dress!

Alabama Chanin camisole dress

Even though I knit/sew and rarely buy any new clothes any more, I bought this dress because I really am a fan of the company, and well... it was great to see how the pros do their stitching. (So even, you guys!)
Here's me trying it on. I love it!  So comfy, and it fit me just right.

How was your weekend? Any new addition to your wardrobe? Do tell:)


ellie said…
Such a beautiful top you made! Love the dress too! Will you embellish it? Adoring your daughter's bucket hat too. I've made a few mask (the cinch style which seem to fit well) I use a lot of those strings you cut. I also have taken old stocking (many I never used) and just cut the small rings they are very stretchy..for your hair and for masks too.

I don't think I've done much but write, some walking, and work and of course more Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. I finally started The Time When We Were Not in Love (2015). I am trying to work on this crochet hat that is a kind of granny square..that I hope will be a bucket hat.

Hope you are doing well...and the cough is better.
Mica said…
You are so talented - you really are, as I feel I have been saying that a lot. But you make the best pieces! That tee is just so beautiful on you and it's great you could make a matching mask for it as well with the extra fabric! :)

Hope you had a great weekend :) We made the most of the warm spring days and went to a bunch of parties!

Away From The Blue
Terri said…
I love what you have done and read all you AC posts. I hopped over here from reading your review on Pattern Review. I just bought two Alabama Chanin books this summer and have finally gotten the shirt pattern printed out and taped together. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet. Congratulations on being a Master Knitter. I know what hard work that involves. Years ago, I started the first step but never finished it.
Hena Tayeb said…
You did an amazing job with the t shirt. The dress looks great on you as well.
Kathy Leonia said…
wow this item looks so cutie:) and it has a unique pattern:) i often buy clothes in second hands they are the best:D
Kathy Leonia said…
PS. follow:) hope U follow back!
rooth said…
Love the outfit with your tee! I recently got a fall sweater and pants in a caramel colour but everything else I've gotten has been secondhand as well :)
So daebak that you got to attend a virtual AC workshop Emmy. I bet it must've been so fun and inspirational for you. The color and design of the tee shirt you chose is gorgeous and of course you did an incredible job of sewing it! It looks so kick ass styled with black pants and DM's ;p And that dress looks so comfy and versatile :D My only new wardrobe addition of late is the BA&SH dress I recently wrote about.
Kinga K. said…
I like your comfy looks ❤
Wow. What you created is a true work of art! I just love this design and all of the incredible stitching you did. It is so detailed and really stands out. The mask to go with it is just icing on the cake! This piece looks SO GOOD on you! How wonderful that you were able to attend the virtual workshop and create something so special. I love the new dress, too! You are stunning <3
the creation of beauty is art.
Sakuranko said…
Oh the dress is very cute
Great photos

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