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 I recently just finished reading two books that have really made an impression...two books that I highly recommend you get your hands on if you have not done so yet.

1) The Dressmakers of Auschwitz by Lucy Adlington (non-fiction)

I knew this was going to be a hard read from the beginning, and by "hard" I mean emotional and gut-wrenching.

As you can see by the book cover, it is the true story of the female Jewish prisoners who became dressmakers while in the concentration camps, sewing for the Nazi wives. 

I tend to not read books like this because, frankly, everyday life is hard nowadays for everyone. This book, however, even with its depressing content, was also uplifting and inspirational. These women...I can only aspire to be half as brave as they were.

2) The Road by Cormac McCarthy (fiction)

I've been hearing of this book for a long time but avoided reading it because my husband (who has read it before) said it was one of the bleakest books he's read. I finally caved in because everyone did say (including my husband) that it was so well-written. A lot of "BookTubers" recommend this too.

Well...what can I say? I now want to read all of Cormac Mccarthy's works!

Yes...this book was, indeed, bleak...disturbing....unpleasant to say the least...dark....but Cormac McCarthy's prose really makes this journey such a ride. Wow...that's all I'm gonna say.

(And yes...I did cry at the end.)Have you read any of these two? What are you reading right now?


I haven't read these, but they sound wonderful and really well written. I've found that since the pandemic especially, I haven't had any desire to read any "heavy" books, so I've been sticking to cozy mysteries, biographies, romantic books...things like that. But I am going to jot these down for when I feel better able to handle darker books!
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ellie said…
Oh, I know they would be powerful reads! I dunno if I could put myself through it. I had been reading TC Boyle's latest TALK TO ME about a college student who takes care of monkey named Sam and they communicate through sign language. And a quirky sort of way..they fall in love and he suddenly has to go back to his owner who is just using him for breeding stock. It's very thought provoking. Of course, I usually like rather obscure reads...kind of like falling in love with the K-Drama WOULD YOU LIKE A CUP OF COFFEE. Which is very everyday mundane stuff. Hope you are having a good Thanksgiving Week.
Mica said…
I read a historical fiction set in the wartime recently and even though it was fiction it was still really bleak and didn't even have a happy ending. I know I couldn't read any real life accounts. It's just so sad how evil we can be! I definitely need to stay away from the bleak books! Although in saying that I really enjoyed the "everybody in this room will someday be dead" one I read recently which is a bit of a departure for me!

Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

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I have not read either of these. The Dressmakers of Auschwitz sounds like a very powerful book about the human spirit. I'm generally not into heavy reads especially nowadays but I don't mind them so much when they are also uplifting and inspirational. I just started Delicious by Ruth Reichl.
It's important to know the past, no matter how painful. There is always something to learn from horrible situations. Your post taught me something new. I never knew there were Jewish dressmakers (enslaved by the Nazis). How horrid. Thank you for enlightening me.

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