Obsession #57 (and some shameless self-promotion)

 I want these white Doc Martens!

What have you been obsessing over lately?

BTW, I don't know if everyone here knows, but I have a YouTube Art channel. Here is the link:) Please subscribe...I would love to connect with you there, too:)

If you are interested in seeing one of my sketchbooks, I have scanned and uploaded a PDF file of one of my completed ones (all the pages)! It's on sale at Gumroad for only $5.00 Cdn.:)

Here is a sample page:)

PS Last day of February, everyone...let us hope and pray that March goes a lot better.


Hena Tayeb said…
Yay on your youtube channel. Will check it out.
rooth said…
Oooo how cool - can't wait to check out your Youtube channel
ellie said…
Such amazing boots! Yeap! I want mine in pink! hmmm..what have I been obsessing about..well, I finally started Thank Your Lucky Stars which I kept putting off but I had finished a drama that had a so-so ending and then I found that Miles Wei is in it and as the second lead I wish he'd get the girl..but that won't happen. Then I fell in love with the very short Cherry Blossoms at the End of Winter. A BL Korean Drama which is such a good story. Very good acting. Although, the high schooler in this is 30 years old, but you'd never know. Then the other Korean BL(?) is so quirky OH! Boarding House which has a lot of fun for anyone to enjoy. To begin with the clueless college student who takes over his mom's boarding house. He has a cousin who eats him out of house and home practically, a writer who spoils anything going on saying everyone is too loud. Then the new guy moves in. Although, first episode they let the wrong guy in..which was funny. Of course, the student has no idea when anyone is flirting with him. It's a Viki original as well as the other one I mentioned.

All the best to your art channel! I will check it out!
You are such a talented artist Emmy! I really only use YT for exercise videos but I have checked out a few of your videos when you've posted them before and they're great. DMs are are interesting these days. One of my friends has a lavender pair that are fabulous. I'm obsessing over cardio workouts lately.
Mica said…
You should definitely get those boots - you would rock them! :)

Your into video is great! I think I need to update mine, it's such an old one! I'm struggling with finding time and motivation to film and edit this year though - I have a few pre-filmed videos I've been relying on but I need to try get back into it this year! :)

Hope that your week is off to a good start! The flood waters have gone down here so we are no longer flooded in which is awesome :)

Away From The Blue
Those white boots are fantastic and I can totally see you wearing them! I love your YouTube channel. You are so so talented <3
the creation of beauty is art.
LL Cool Joe said…
I love Doc Martins and have a classic white pair, but boy do they hurt my feet at the back. They just rub my ankles even though they aren't new. I'm going to check out your You Tube channel now.
Those white Doc Martens are EVERYTHING! I want them! HaHaHa Hope you get them girl :)
alister said…
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The Tote Trove said…
Such cool kicks! I got my first pair of combat boots a couple of years ago, and I love them. Your drawings are incredible. The one with the eye is amazing, so intricate and haunting.

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