My photographer (aka my youngest daughter bwahaha) actually asked me why I'm taking pictures of my outfits when I wear the same thing all the time. Wut?!?! The nerve! Well...she's actually right.....

I do love my Calvin Klein shacket!

My middle child is still growing and I can't even....

with our photographer hahaha

old turtleneck from UNIQLO, pants from Urban Outfitters, Timberland boots, old Reed Krakoff Boxer bag


ellie said…
Oh, but I love that jacket! & your jeans too! Love the bright orange bag! So great to see you guys out having a fun time. Oh, such a tall son too! Adoring the Monday post! Hope you have a sweet February ❤ Warmer temps on the way here, but there is always the WIND.
Those jeans are SO amazing, I can't even get over it. I love that shacket as well. You just have incredible style. These pictures are fabulous and it looks like you were able to have lots of family fun!
the creation of beauty is art.
Adam said…
I see everyone is rocking the same hat
rooth said…
Love those jeans!
Your Mini Me is so cheeky ;p There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes all the time if you love them. I do it too :D
Mica said…
I love your jacket and that bag, Whatever happened with Reed Krakoff? I remember this bag but can't think of any other ones they've made!

I think it's important to take photos wearing the same things too - after all, we all have favourite pieces we wear over and over and it's important to challenge that "fast fashion" mindset of needing a new outfit for every single event in life. Just wear what you love, especially if it means wearing it multiple times! :)

Hope that you are having a good week! First week of school here for the kids :)

Away From The Blue
I love it! Clothes are made to be worn more than once. I have so many favourites that I repeat! Love that coat and love seeing how much your children have grown right before our eyes. <3 x/Madison
Macbulry said…
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Oh to Be a Muse said…
If I had a shacket like that I'd wear it all the time, too. By the way, your kids are getting so big so fast!
LL Cool Joe said…
Love your middle child's bomber jacket!
Your daughter is hilarious! HaHaHa I love her! Emmy, do you have two of these bags? This one is orange. Then in another post, there was one that looked red. Either way, great bag!

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