What have I been watching #28

 These are the movies/TV shows I've seen and loved since my last "what have I been watching" post:)

1) Horns

I love how Daniel Radcliffe does all these interesting characters in films after Harry Potter. Horns is one of those. It's an old-ish movie but I just recently saw it, and loved loved loved it! Great plot, and although the twist is pretty predictable, the cast makes this movie worth a watch.

2) Raw
This is another old-ish movie I just saw, and man....it was super gory, even for someone like me who doesn't really mind gore. Anyhoo, I liked this movie because of the unique plot line, and Garance Marillier was fantastic as the lead.

3) The Night House
This was one of those slow burner films...but once it got going, it got going! Another horror movie with a great plot IMO and Rebecca Hall as the lead was just awesome (I do think she's such a great actress and underrated in Hollywood.)

4) Antlers
I've been dying to see this film and so happy it's finally on Disney +.  I've always loved Kerri Russell since Felicity, so it's always great to see her in any film, and she was fab in this one...as always:D

5) Reacher (Amazon Prime series)
I loved the Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movies, but man, the series took my love for the Reacher character to another level. Alan Ritchson is just the perfect lead, and I binge-watched this in one night/early morning! I was so tired that day with no sleep but it was so worth it...LOLZ.  It's been awhile since I've done that...really highly recommend this, and so happy there is a season 2!

What have you been watching lately?


ellie said…
I remember HORNS. I really liked it since it was so different for Daniel. I have been meaning to watch Reacher. Hopefully soon.

I finally got all 3 MONKEY KING movies watched. Some might see it a little silly, but the guy who plays Monkey King is fun to watch and that last one..wow, just a crazy story but great visuals along the way. Almost done with Cupid's Kitchen although, they are so mean to each other. The ex poisoning the chef's taste buds who she partnerships at the place they work at. And Moonshine has lots of twists and turns in this period piece.

Happy Valentines Day💖
rooth said…
Bryan and his parents are watching Reacher and really enjoying it!
Mica said…
I've heard so many people watching and loving Reacher but I don't think it's the kind of thing I enjoy! I can't even remember the last thing I watched on Netflix though it's so rare for me to get time to watch it anyway, haha! :) I need to try make more of an effort with it when the kids are in bed, my watch list is always so long!

Hope your week is off to a good start! Another wet week here :)

Away From The Blue
I remember watching the Reacher films with my husband but I can't recall anything about them at all. We're watching Around The World in 80 Days and it's a great mix of drama, comedy and adventure. David Tennant is the perfect Phileas Fogg.
Hena Tayeb said…
I have heard of Horns and Antlers but haven't seen them.
I finished watching Ozark and YellowJackets.
Lovely said…
I haven't watched any of these movies. I will check them out.
Adam said…
I think the only movie I saw with Radcliffe outside Harry Potter was that Frankenstein one that was awful
LL Cool Joe said…
I watched "Promising Young Woman" on a flight recently and loved it. I was never a fan of Harry Potter but there's something about Daniel Radcliffe I really like.
Kinga K. said…
I want to check The Night House❤
I'm putting Horns and Antlers on my to-watch list!
Krissi Sophie said…
I've never watched any of these but you definitely just made me wanna watch a movie :D

Lots of love,
Krissi of the marquise diamond
I hardly watch anything on Prime, so I will look for the Reacher series. Sounds really good.
I want to check out and watch your suggestions..


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