Easter 2022

 This is the first time in two years that we were able to go to church for Easter, which is an important event for us Catholics. It's a bittersweet event, because it's great to finally be able to celebrate it as a community again, but also a bit sad and scary, as cases are going up again in our city, and who knows what will happen in the future. 

Anyhoo, thought I'd share an outfit pic of what I wore:D I sewed this dress years ago, and I still like wearing it.:)

Excuse the scowl...the sun was right on my face, and my photographer (aka my daughter) wanted to the pic in a hurry...LOL
inside the church with my eldest and youngest

My middle child is an altar server every Sunday, and here he was during Easter service.

Do you celebrate Easter? How was your weekend anyhoo?


Happy Easter Emmy! The dress still looks amazing on you! I love the color. So glad you guys can convene for mass. Just as you think things have settled down with this pandemic a new variant forms. It seems to be never-ending. Glad you all are still taking precautions.
ellie said…
Such a beautiful dress and love the hair too! So great that you got to celebrate. Rather low key here. Actually, kind of chaotic. We were having a small get-together with family. Only, the Easter bunny got there first and they were on a sugar high and were the worst at brunch which turned in to lunch. One family member didn't even get to stay for the meal, but hung out with the the little one who is into video games. They only had a short window of time. Naturally, my carrot cake wasn't what I had hoped and somehow while in the kitchen..somebody spilled the roast dripping on my ankle..oh what an awakening that was. Needless to say all sorts of little mishaps on a quaint Easter celebration. Finally, there was an Easter egg hunt, only it began to rain.
rooth said…
I'm glad y'all had a good Easter weekend - stay safe and healthy!
Hena Tayeb said…
Wonderful that you were able to celebrate as a community again. Happy Easter to you and your family.
Adam said…
I celebrate it in the secular sense.
What an awesome dress! That shade of pink looks fabulous on you chingu! I get what you mean. It's nice to have a sense of normalcy again but also scary as the pandemic is still very much real and prevalent. Practicing caution while still trying to observe traditions is the new normal.
Happy Easter! I am glad you were able to attend church in person. It is so scary that cases are climbing again (it feels that this will never end and it is hard to be hopeful some days...) but the fact that you were able to have a "normal" experience is really powerful. It is amazing how much we took for granted before. What a blessing that you were able to attend this year <3 <3 <3
the creation of beauty is art.
Kinga K. said…
Lovely photos ❤
Mica said…
I love your pink dress! it's so nice you were able to go to church on Easter too :) We made it to church and I think it was the first time this year we have been in-person as our cases started to explode in January when they relaxed restrictions. But we aren't going back to church again this week - there weren't a lot of other people wearing masks and I just feel better wearing masks indoors, so I was surprised so few people were following that. Hopefully covid cases start going down again here soon, I just don't feel like taking the risk again unless it's for a special occasion like Easter or Christmas.

Hope you are having a good weekend :)

Away From The Blue
The Tote Trove said…
I love your pink hair and (handmade, OMG) dress! Both are so striking against the bright blue sky and garage. That's wonderful that you got to return to church, especially because it means so much to you. :)
LL Cool Joe said…
I'm glad you got to church. I was in the States over Easter and we went to church too. Not a mask in sight! Fortunately having had 3 vaccinations and covid in January I wasn't too worried.

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