Vlog time!

 Here's a short vlog my daughter did on our trip to St. Lawrence Market (downtown Toronto). 



ellie said…
Oh, this was fun to watch! Adoring her voice! Hope she is staying well. The food looked really great! And to go to St. Lawerence Market. Awesome. So many interesting things you guys must have seen.

Our mall food court that was redone at a nearby mall is just too loud to eat in. Now the place to go is THE RAIL which is a bit of a pop-up place for great restaurants in our area. Good brick oven pizza, milk-teas, noodles and more. Really, I have gone too many places. I did get my favorite sourdough bread sandwich over the weekend. My birthday is coming so I decided to make an old-fashioned cake that has no eggs. It's chocolate and I made peanutbutter icing.

I am back at work. I feel like I am back to the grind. So far so good. All the best to your creativity!
rooth said…
Your family members are all such characters - love seeing them in action
Mica said…
Your daughter is a natural at vlogging! And it was nice to see you all enjoying such yummy food! I hope that her cough gets better - even though it's not covid, a cough is never fun!

Hope you are having a nice week :)

Away From The Blue
Adam said…
It's good to see the blogging bug carried to another generation
Oh, this looks like such a fun time! Loved watching the vlog. Your daughter is definitely a natural in front of the camera. I've never seen to the St. Lawrence Market, believe it or not, but I've always had it on my bucket list to visit. One day! So glad you are making lots of special memories with your family this summer.
the creation of beauty is art.
Aww your Mini Me is fine form here! Loving her POV and her adorable reactions. Your family always has such fun. I remember our friends taking us to St. Lawrence Market when we visited them in 2008. It was fun to browse the farmers market as well as the craft the local artisans were selling.

I hope you all are taking care and staying well chingu <3
Yay I'm able to leave comments again!
Lovely said…
Loved seeing this. You have a wonderful family.
LL Cool Joe said…
Haha loved the vlog and your daughter is a natural. Her brother's seem less impressed with being filmed! Lol.

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