Because who doesn't want a sparkling vampire?

Hi! My name is Emmy, and I'm a Twilight Mom. Whether that's something to be embarrassed about or to be proud of, I don't really know. That's just who I am...unfortunately for my husband and kids...

(images from Twilight: Director's Notebook by Catherine Hardwicke; movie stills from The Official Illustrated Movie Companion Books for Twilight and New Moon by Mark Cotta Vaz)

Costume Designer:
Twilight: Wendy Chuck
New Moon and Eclipse: Tish Monaghan

Lookie! Her Adirondacks! Read my ugg blog here.

PS Team Edward all the way!


Lucija said…
I always liked Rosalie!
Follow each other? :)

Emmylou said…
Rosalie always looks so chic:) And sounds great. Will add you now.

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