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I've made three versions of this dress, and you've probably seen me in this A LOT if you've been reading my blog for awhile. I must say that this has got to be my fave pattern to make. Just something so comfy about this style:)
Dress I sewed using the Bantam vest pattern from the Merchant and Mills workbook, worn with Vans slip ons

Just an update....
I mentioned in the last post that I would be attending a Digital Photography class hosted by our local library. It happened this past weekend and it was great, you guys!

The first half of the class dealt with all the technical aspects of the camera(ISO, aperture, etc). The second half dealt with the artistic side of photography, and then editing with Lightroom. We were able to go outside and take photos of the surrounding area, which was pretty cool.

Here are just a few pics I took:)
One of our teachers Greg

Our other teacher Tony 
We used a Nikon D3400 for the class. I'm a Canon girl, but I found this Nikon very intuitive and easy to use.

 Here are some shots I took during class to practice what we learned.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. Although I knew some of the stuff already, it was great to know what I was doing right, and the areas I need to improve on. If I get some  extra time, I definitely intend to do more of these classes.

Have you guys attended any classes/events lately that really inspired you?


Super cute dress! The class sounds terrific! Even if you already know the fundamentals of photography, it's always helpful to get a refresher :D
What an exciting experience! I think it is amazing that you are doing so much to learn and grow as an artist. The pictures you took are incredible. Please keep posting your work. It always inspires me!!
Adam said…
I've never taken a photo class, I always wanted to, but I also don't have a real camera.
Hello Emmy
Your pics are great and you amazing on that dress. I have that very same model of nikkon. I wish i could go to that class too. I know i must improve in some areas.
Okay keep studying a let us know whats is going on.
Mica said…
THat's a cute style of dress so I can see why you like it - it's great you can just make a new one when you want a different colour! :)

You took some great pics in your class, it's wonderful hearing how helpful and inspiring it was to you! :)

Hope that you are having a lovely week so far :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Shon said…
Very cool! I love Merchant and Mills! I need to finally sew one of their totebags, seems easy enough.
I love the shots you took, great details.

Enjoy! When do you guys start back to school? We moved back to ATL, the younger kids started school early August and we just dropped the oldest off to college in Cali last week! :(

So, that's my life in a nutshell.
Eleine said…
Cool post!
LianaLaurie said…
Amazing post, dear! A big hello from Germany!
Hugs ♥
Abdel B. said…
You look so gorgeous dear and such a nice pics ♥
I have definitely noticed your photography has improved and I love that you took a class. It's very helpful. I love your snapshots. The dress is also wonderfully versatile.
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Beauty said…
That’s a beautiful dress you made; great color too. I can tell from the pictures that the photography class was really cool. I’m really looking forward to taking a photography class some day. Right now, I only have knowledge of the basics.
Unknown said…
Very nice!!!
Have a nice evening!
Gil Zetbase
You are looking so pretty. I love your beautiful dress and the way you have styled it. You have charming smile.

Have a nice day <3
Kisses <3
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Jane said…
I love that you are always learning and taking classes. I want to learn so many things but I stop when I feel like I need to venture out and actually take a class from experts. It's my complete downfall. I still have yet to knit a sweater and socks but if I just had taken a class I would've had all my questions answered on the spot. Sigh. :)

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