This is the original version of the shawl I wore here (knitted in 2014):) This is made of thicker yarn and more neutral colours:)
wearing a shirt I sewed, Boneyeard Shawl I knitted, UNIQLO pants, Timberland boots

Are you a fan of shawls/scarves? I tend to wear them year round honestly:D


This version is super awesome as well. The neutral shades just lends itself to so many styling possibilities. I always carry a shawl/scarf in my purse during the summer to protect against places with crazy strong air conditioning.
iamperlita said…
It's so pretty! I love the pattern on it and the different ways you can style it! Your pants are rocking ;) Have a great week!

PerlaGiselle |

Makeup Muddle said…
I love that you make your own items, it's so cool! I would love to learn, it must be so cool putting pieces together xo

Makeup Muddle
Mica said…
Love how you made so much of this outfit! The shawl looks so cosy and the neutrals will go with everything!

I do love a good scarf but tend to stick to kimonos in the warmer weather and scarves are less of a frequent wear for me sadly!

Hope that you are having a nice week :)

Away From Blue
Adam said…
My mother in law gave me a scarf and I like it. But I often forget to grab it.
LL Cool Joe said…
I have to say I have never worn a shawl. I used to wear scarves back in the day but haven't for years, but now you are making me think maybe I should.

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